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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Below zero

Could today have marked the end of the cold spell? Mind you, it was chucking it down all day which wasn't pleasant at all but I dread to think what would have happened to the UK if the air temperature would have been just a degree or two colder ... well, at the Lido, we would have probably had more snow ball fights but what about the rest of the population? :)

Don't think, however, that only because the air temperature has risen well above freezing point that the water temperature has ... in fact here is a photo of David's hand showing todays' water temperature. Proof of the theory that because the ice has melted (there is only a small bit left in the middle of the pool) the water is below zero.

David and his favourite toy!

I really think that it is pretty amazing that we are swimming in it!

Melissa training for the Cold Water Championships in Bled-

Still Melissa (on her second widths) showing a perfect breast stroke kick

Bob is on a mission

John seems to be hailing a cab

Ivan back to wearing his (trademark) shorts and plenty of woolly jumpers!

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