Tuesday, 19 January 2010

All smiles

This morning , Margy showed off the self designed and self made outfit she will be wearing during the Cold Water Championships in Bleb this coming weekend. She has been given the great honour to represent SLSC and GB at the opening ceremony of the Cold Water Championships!

Margy all smiles on her "wet run", testing the outfit!

Further, you will be happy to know that the pool was truly clear of ice and the water temperature up by a fraction!
When I arrived, the first thing (lifeguards) Bob and Sarah said to me bearing a big smile was : "no diving in the shallow end today:)!"
"Of course not :)", I replied
And Sarah continued, "Swimming a length again today?"
"Of course , I can't go back on what I have done yesterday, can I :)!"

I adopted the same (shoe) routine as yesterday, jumped in feet first and pushed off. I even felt myself relaxing into each stroke which felt really good. My feeling got a bit dampened however, when Batch, catching up with me in sauna, told me that I'm "doing something funny with my right arm!" -
"Oh no, still", was my first reaction because I had been told that in the past ... and thought I had ironed it out over the summer thanx to Margy's help ... oh well... it must have crept back in :) And Batch, continued , "don't worry, I do funny things under water with my arms. The best thing is to get filmed so that one can actually see what's going on."

Great idea. I'd love to film others and get filmed too. I think that's what we'll do once the water gets warmer. But it must happen before the pool opens to the general public again as photography and filming is not allowed during those months.
Meanwhile, I'll just have to relax more, glide longer between strokes and remember Margy's advise of counting strokes - in cold water? maybe not just yet :)

But hey, all in good time. At the moment it's all about enjoying the thrills of getting into (bloody) cold water and getting high on it!

Sophie and Ian (clearly on a high!) after their swim and sauna

Margy (possibly on a high too?!) in the self made outfit she will be wearing at the Championships in Bled

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