Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Water Tantrums

The water was "much" warmer today ... up to 5C and a bit! still a bit grey and dull but, hey ... it is still January after all ... one thing at a time ... the days are slowly getting longer and soon the 7am swimmers will be able to actually see where they are swimming :)

Not quite sure what Pip is praying for ..?

maybe she's longing for different shoes ..?? she certainly seems to be eying up her neighbour's shoes ... which happen to be Margy's ... naaaa they would be small for you Pip!

Barbara gently pushing off the bottom step

Margy opting for widths while Pip is heading for 2 lengths
Pip's famous routine for getting in ... walking first ...
now, I couldn't do that.. I've just got to get in fast, without engaging the mind!

Latvia behind him, Ian full of pride showing (off!) his wetsuit
" THis is it, I am back to wearing my wetsuit!"

Nick and Jonathan had all (good) intentions of swimming a (full) lengths of the pool...
but never made really quite made it ... :)

always full of mischief and playfulness ...
they have names for their personal water exercises ...

... this is nick performing : tantrums!

Boys will be boys ... for as long as they can .. and why not!
but all good things must end (for today at least) and it was time to get out
before something could go radically wrong!

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