Monday, 16 January 2012

Merging TWO Days Into ONE

I rarely swim on a sunday let alone take my camera with me on "the day of rest" :) But with glorious light and minus degrees it would have been foolish not to ... A quick 2 lengths and 2 widths in the ever decreasing water temperature did, however, set me up for the day! I couldn't stay to check results of the sunday race but did grab a few atmospheric race related shots.

Monday morning was just as glorious - another frosty night meant that the water had dropped from 4C on sunday to 3C (which I only got confirmation for after I had done my 2 lengths). They felt really cold - but once committed and seeing a length in front of me I know I'm also ready to swim the full length back - 2 it was!
It was all fine .. for only my fingers were truly feeling the pain ... the rest of my body felt rather exhilarated - Vince swam 4! Not sure how, as he bears even less "insulating substance" ( ie. flesh and fat!) than I do! Also, we were told that swimming in cold water apparently makes the body produce "brown fat" which insulates more ... not sure what all that is about ...?! Mr Ape, was it you who came up with that theory?!

An interesting sight first thing in the morning
when arriving at the Lido on a sunday

Kate and Sangeeta getting their swim in
before the sunday rush

Yvonne looking out for Cyril and other race contenders
who were starting to get ready on the railway side of the pool


Dylan fast asleep, oblivious of ...

the 1 width race which had just started

Cyril reaching for "glory"?!

Lucy checking out who had come in before and after her

Cyril checking with Yvonne if he had made it?! It certainly looked like it .. from where we were standing ... but I'm not sure...

happy Nando

exhilarated Pip

revealing Kate ... well that's as far as she dared to go ... which is far less (revealing) than the photo she took of Batch, Tricky and Egg - check it out ... if you haven't already seen it!?!

more hard Latvia practice for Lucy
(who decided to travel to Latvia by train - can't wait to hear all about her adventure!)

Pip getting more cold water training in too

Margy doing her fair share of (Latvia) acclimatising

Another day (today,monday) and Pip is at it again ... only difference,
the water temperature has dropped to 3C!

Sue's preparation for Latvia , Canadian Snow boots -
surely a good move!

Winter attire

"Another" Sue ...

John after what he refers to as "fresh fry" or is it "flesh fry" or even "flash fry"?!
not sure ... all I know is that he didn't stay in for more than a few seconds ! :) and put it down to a lack of time as opposed to the testing water temperature!

frosty table soaking up some rays


  1. Elizabeth (and others) link for views on brown fat

    It's not that it insulates more, it creates heat!

  2. ahh ok, thanx for that Carl. I'll have a read! by the way have you got a link to the photo Kate took of the 3 bums? I wanted to put a link in but couldn't find it on your blog...