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Friday, 27 January 2012

Odd Couple

This morning I met up with seriously dedicated cyclist and cold water swimmers, Andy and Ken. Andy has been coming to the Lido for many many years. Ken was introduced to the Lido by his ex neighbour Andy one summer when the water temperature was (much) warmer than in winter " but still much colder than in an indoor pool". He loved it and was soon hooked too! Come rain or sunshine these friends make their journey from Bromley to the Lido (and back!)

Today, the water temperature fell back down a smidgeon from yesterday - 2 lengths was enough for me ... and after the sauna I enjoyed diving back in for another 2 widths - this seemed to have been my January routine so far ... apart from when it was above 5C, when I add another 2 widths to my pre sauna swim ... The forecast for next week, however is that we are apparently in for "a colder spell" ... so, you never know, February may turn out to be a colder month than January?

Before I left the pool, I'm happy to say, "The Odd Couple", no, not Walther Matthau and Tony Curtis but Ian and Pip where back too!

Andy (from Bromley!)
enjoying his well deserved cup of hot chocolate ...

... which (Andy's friend) Ken (also from Bromley!)
brings to the pool every morning ...
Ken didn't swim this morning, mind you, because he has a bit of a sore throat and simply came along for the bike ride (there and back!) and to share a good cup of chocolate!

Andy in full attire now, almost ready for their cycle ride back
(to Bromley!) These guys are seriously fit ... cause there are quite a few hills to tackle between the Tooting Bec Lido and Bromley!

looks relaxing , backstroke in 4 C water ... up and down with a smile

Both Clare and Sue (independently from one another)
asked me whether this multicoloured cap was mine?!
No .. but whose is it?? the 3 items have been sitting there for a few days now...!

the odd couple (Pip and Ian) were back again this morning...
Ian all ready, while Pip is still getting in ...

and they are off ...

with (quite) a bit of a splish ... Pip leading the way ...

not for too long, Ian was steadily catching up and edging ahead

I followed them for the first lengths and by the end of it,
Ian was definitely ahead.
Pip has great endurance though and I'm sure that overall (depending on how many lengths they ended up swimming, Pip would "pip" Ian ! :)

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  1. I hope that the adventures of Ian and Pip will run as a soap opera on your blog! They are beautifully contrasted swimming next to each other... ;-) Martin