Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Madness & Sheer Delight

Another frosty night and yes, you have guessed right, the water temperature dropped another notch! Stephanie told me that when she arrived well before 8am (!) there was ice in the sallow end of the pool :" We had to break the ice .. and when I put my thermometer in, it broke! I think the water temperature must be 2.8C!" Upps and I had in mind to stick to my 2 lengths of the previous days ... "Yes Elizabeth you can do it!" according to Steph(!) Well OK then ... I'll think of you while in there .. specially on my length back from the deep end and sauna bound!" which is exactly what I did ... as I saw Steph from the corner of my eye (fully dressed by now!) cheering me on ... Thanx Steph, it was worth the pain (which was only in my hands, thanx God!) Nothing that the sauna can't remedy after a few minutes, though ...

I think that this must have been my PB! I can't remember swimming 2 lengths in under 3C last year ... 3 cheers for my body and all the other bodies who have endured (possibly) more pain (as well as exhilaration) than mine! Vince swam 3 lengths, Pip 6, Nando 2 and a width sprint as part of his Latvia training! Sue 2 lengths and 2 widths and so the tale of our SLSC heros goes on ...

Nando and Tricky revving up for their cooling jump

upps where has Nando gone?

ahh, there he is!
he has resurfaced, beaming with sheer delight and ready to go again!

Sue after her "solo" plunge & game for a group plunge

here we go - all together now : Sue, Nando and Tricky

Nigel setting off on a total of 8 lengths - madness?!
one could say so ... but then again, Nigel is in training!

Just a quick reminder that it is cold -
air as well as water temperature !

Nando trying to show how cold the air temperature really is -
sadly the camera didn't pick up the steam coming off his body nor the steam from his breath...

.... which Sue finds just tooooo amusing!

Nigel after his 8th and last length - quite an achievement -
the water was below 3C

quick step in direction of the sauna was in order!

Clare and Mandy jumping for joy after their stint in the sauna

And racing off ...

Mandy taking the lead ...

Clare finishing her width in style

while Mandy tumble turned and pushed off for a width of backstroke

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