Thursday, 26 January 2012

Love Naturally

A new day, a new cap. and newly found Love!

Fazlar, armed with his "new" yellow cap - he finally got rid of the green one which was growing strange looking black dots all over it :) making his way gingerly down the steps

and he's off

Ian putting his flash goggles on

ohh hang on a minute, he's taken them off again ...
now literally beaming from ear to ear when I commented on his cool looking wetsuit -
Spot the slipstream rubber grooves running down the front of his (wetsuit) chest!

Now that Pip is getting ready too ...

... will we finally get some action ..?!
Not before Ian asked: "Are you going to sit there bathing your feet for long, Pip?
Come on, get in, I'm ready!"

ahh that's better : It is, of course, love they share!

... as well as the pleasure of swimming together!

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