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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Brave Simon

Simon braved the elements all on his own today .. well, until I got in and joined him in 4.5 C ... I took this photo out of my cubicle - while getting changed - stripping dow layer by layer I felt the cold air reaching more and more parts of my body ... The over night frost was still very apparent and I didn't want to hang around too much ... Simon had a head start and by the time I got in, he was already on his third length up towards the deep end of the pool ... Without hesitation I got in and felt the amazing blood rush the cold water gives one. I was very conscious of it ... it felt glorious! As I had the deep end of the pool firmly in sight, Simon pushed off for his forth length ... I wondered whether I could catch him... his mighty breast stroke leg kick propelled him forward at a remarkable pace ... and, as much as I tried, I couldn't quite catch him on 100 yards ... still, it helped me focus and get back to the shallow end with more purpose .. namely to get out and make a bee line for the sauna!

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