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Monday, 30 January 2012

Dive Everybody

A day for all to dive!

still rather dark when I arrived .. hence Stephanie's beautiful dive is (sadly) a bit blurred
even though I had set the camera at 800 ASA!

"some days I really look forward to my dive (after sauna) and some days I don't ... as much"
.. and yet Stephanie too is a creature of habit!
Stephanie swam 6 lengths before her stint in the sauna

who did I spot strolling in .. casually? no other than Mr. Bubbles!

... who after 2 weeks holiday in Tunisia was (probably) in for a bit of a shock... :)

... and yet he performed his usual "dive" from a sitting position

after my 2 lengths I jumped back in when I saw Alex approaching ... not sure why I did that?! it was soooo cold today .. not only the water but there was a definite nip in the air too!

well, I do know why .. really :) because I just had to get another shot of Alex under water ... (absence makes the camera grow fonder ?!)
in this shot Alex has just completed his tumble turn and is pushing off the wall -
he swam 6 lengths in all

oh yessss, I too enjoy a dive

... followed by a couple of widths after the sauna :)
Ian took the photos

As I was leaving, Mark was about to enter the pool ..
"I'm not really looking forward to this, it's hard today!"
and yet ... of course Mark went in, albeit gingerly, in his own time, following his personal routine, he swam 4 lengths.


  1. I pinched one of your pictures for my blog today because I forgot my camera. It's good to be back but I wish it were a bit warmer. See you in the morning.

  2. :) that's ok! lucky orange is favourite colour too!