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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thankless Job ?!

Not the most welcoming morning this morning ... dark and very very wet! The water was even warmer than yesterday, mind you! Must have reached 4 C again .. no one here to check with ... David is on holiday somewhere "hot" - he did tell me .. but ... ohhh my memory is definitely not what it used to be ..! and Stephanie (with a fully functioning thermometer again) wasn't here either ... Anyway, I hope that our Latvia swimmers will encounter better, albeit much much colder, weather for the Cold Water Championships!

By the way, where is Mr Bubbles ??! Anybody know? No new posts on his blog since friday 13th ... hope that date wasn't a bad omen for him ..! Come back, Alex ... the temperature is moving up again!

Sue and lifeguard Sarah having a lifeguard to lifeguard chat -
For those who don't know, Sue has successfully passed her lifeguard exam!
We are now in even safer hands!

Sarah holding and using(!) a tool of the trade!

yes it's long ... this is the other end of it!

a seemingly thankless job ... specially in the poring rain ...
I did, however, thank our "new" lifeguard who normally works down at the Balham Leisure Centre and is with us for a 6 months period - I really must ask her for her name (and remember it!)
... offering a smile!
Ladies, have you noticed how much cleaner out changing/shower areas has become?!
specially around the wash basins ... positively sparkling!


  1. I was wondering the very same about Alex too. We seem to be down to 1 TBL blog at the moment as the Ape is away too. The new lifeguard is Karen and I commended her on the "new look" ladies changing area. A vast improvement!

  2. thanx Mrs Ape! Yes I spoke to "Karen" today asking her her name .. hoping to remember it by the time I came back home after my swim :) and I did .. not only thanx to you ..! I have faint recollection that Alex mentioned something about a holiday ?? maybe he is away somewhere HOT!?! where he can't access the internet ..! C u soon!

  3. You are right, he's gone to Tunisia for a couple of weeks!