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Friday, 20 January 2012

Deserted Lido

There was a bit of a deserted feeling about the Lido this morning .... most of the familiar 8-9am swimmers were missing ... representing "us" at the Cold Water Championships in Latvia - exciting as they have their first day's competition today .. I wonder how many medals they will already have secured ?! :) No pressure guys ... just do your best and have fun!

I shared the pool with Simon this morning - a colder morning than yesterday - the air temperature has dropped again and the water also felt colder than yesterday ... On my way out fully dressed and ready for my breakfast, I actually made a point of having a look at the thermometer that's in the deep end of the pool - it showed 4C exactly. I was with my 2 lengths and 2 widths - Simon swam 4 lengths so did Vince ...

Sue being in Latvia, Batch had to go on his pre swim run around Tooting Bec Common
all alone this morning - by the time he was ready for his swim he also had the pool to himself

2 lengths for Batch ...

... followed by a quick sprint to the sauna

Jonathan and Nick enjoying their favourite game - eyes on the ball -
what concentration Nick!

and a stretch .. that must be good for keeping fit and agile!
Jonathan is ready in anticipation of his turn

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