Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Duck Story

This morning, everybody was saying how "warm" the water was ... hang on a minute, since when is 6 celsius "warm"?? Well it's all relative, I guess ... for those SLSC swimmer who are Latvia bound, 6 C is warm! In two weeks time they will be competing at the Cold Water World Championships where the water will probably be hovering around 0C!

Hoping to acclimatise for the drop in temperature they will be faced with, they are of course praying for a cold snap before heading off.

There is hope ... according to David's reading and he is the official temperature recorder, it was all of 5.5 this morning! Lovely!

new year, new swimming trunks, familiar style ...
if not in orange

side lined ... and waiting patiently for an outing

a break in the clouds made for a beautiful beam of light
hitting the surface of the water

Brockwell Park swimmer who
"defected" to the Lido for the winter season
enjoying her leisurely swim

face down and praying (for more sun or colder water?)

busy crossing

Fernando submerging himself before...

his rescue operation

dry and safe now

time to get back in ...

ahhh ... that's better

Job done, Fernando is off

while Ducky .. is trying to keep up ...

in vain ... Fernando is simply too fast and on his way to Latvia ... but surely not without "Ducky" ?!
who knows?!


  1. Yes I can confirm that Quack Quack Tooting has booked his ticket for Latvia and will be joining our team.

  2. I love the picture with Quack Quack hiding on Nandos head while he was searching for her or is Quack Quack a him? Nado had been looking for Hrs