Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Did I promise you spring yesterday? ohh how foolish ... the weather was rather ghastly this morning .. rain (well, it was more like pelting it down, to be precise!), dark and let's face it a bit miserable ..! but then again, it's not so bad after all, nature thrives on rain too (not only sun!) and with regards to getting into the water, it makes no real difference .. if anything it feels rather lovely to have drops of rain keeping one company!

Sadly I have to also report that Dr. Andy passed away yesterday ... It was only in Oct 2011 that Dr. Andy celebrated his 90th birthday in style at the Lido ... one consolation may be that he died in Dulwich Park while walking ... he sadly fell and passed away from injuries to his head ... What an inspiration he was/ is / always be to all who knew him ... when Vince heard (in the sauna) he said: I barely knew Dr. Andy and I yet am really sad ..."
Just proves that connection between SLSC members runs very deep, indeed!

Here a pictorial tribute to Dr. Andy - thank you for being such an inspiration!

Jack helping Dr. Andy to warm his feet after a frosty swim!
Jack had stripped off to accompany Dr Andy into the water
as the rails and steps were still frozen!

Dr. Andy, always keen to get in!

Dr. Andy making the most of his swim on a lovely sunny december's day - 2011

I know that when I first started swimming through the winter Dr. Andy made a HUGE impression on me! His wonderful outlook on life, his bravery, his sense of enjoyment, his humour and his unquenchable desire for a kiss (!) live on! Especially the latter ... as Pip volunteered to continue that part of Dr. Andy's routine at the Lido :)
You'll have to show more bravery then, Pip and you may be in with a chance!

I caught up with, Susanne, one of our gold medal winners from Latvia

in fact Susanne won 2 medals one gold and one silver
not sure which way round but one in breaststroke ...

and the other medal in freestyle .. which ever way around, Susanne swims in beautiful style what ever the stroke!

yes cold hands ..

and yet, she pushes off for another couple of widths

Michael swimming down from the deep end ....
joined Susanne for a couple of widths freestyle.

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