Monday, 23 January 2012

Could It Be Time

Cycling to the Lido on January 23rd I caught sight of the first signs of "Spring" ?! I'm not kidding ... It's around the lovely tree as you approach the winter entrance to the pool who plays host to a bunch of Daffodils .... today I spotted some pushing through - what joy!

Don't take my word for it ... see for yourself - not only by looking at the photo below but next time you walk up the path leading to the Lido, you may very well see what I have seen!

Daffodils responding to their call and pushing through the soil
in need of some fresh air, possibly rain and most definitely a bit of sun too!

gentle waves, pink sunlight and some lovely reflections

Nuala on her 2nd length back from the deep end towards the shallow.

Almost there ...

cold claws ..:)
I caught up with Nuala in the sauna - this is her first winter - she's only just back from 3 years abroad, working as an english teacher in South Korea ... despite South Korean women not being much into sports and she didn't get much swimming done while in South Korea she still "had a great time and it was a great experience."
Now she lives in Furzedown, just across the road from the Lido - perfect for her morning fix before work.


  1. thanx for becoming a follower to the blog Nuala ... sorry for having spelt your name wrong .. first :) having spotted that you are now a "new" follower I saw the correct spelling and I've amended it! see you soon. E

  2. With nice weather on the horizon it's easy to start thinking that we might somehow skip the winter altogether. This year I'm not falling for it - freezing weather must be just around the corner...