Saturday, 28 January 2012

Proud Medallists

After my swim, more members started to trickle in ... in particular some of the SLSC members/medallists from the Cold Water Swimming Championships who competed in Latvia last weekend!

This is the spontaneous reaction I got from Katherine when I congratulated her for winning a silver medal at the Cold WAter World Championships in Latvia (which
took last weekend)

Spider women Mandy (coming back from a stint in the sauna after her morning swim)won 2 medals too ...

As did Sue ... who had also already been for her morning swim

ok then .. get get together for a photo .. all smile ..!

Ann also came back with a medal (gold for Ann -
she even defended her title from 2 years ago!
Well done Ann !

here she is in action - she only take a breath on the right ...
so I couldn't catch her on her "breathing side !"
which would have made for a nicer photo!

Angus full of patriotism (spot the union jack cap!) swimming for england ..

yes .. you can laugh Ian ...

Mandy, showing off her leggings ... shame I had already decided to take a tight shot of her face .. if only I had known she was so proud of her leggings I would have obliged!

OK, time to see this medals - silver for Katherine

let's take a better look at it ...
by the way, Katherine is swimming the channel in a relay this summer

and Sue's bronze (she won her medal in the same race as Katherine)
Amazing how long the ribbon is :)

A delighted Sue!

These medals are truly lovely -
here a closer look at Katherine's silver medal!

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