Sunday, 22 January 2012

Getting Over It

No post yesterday .. but therefore one today! the strangest thing happened yesterday ... Already fully dressed, I put hands and camera in the water to take underwater photos - and I took (great) shots of Mrs Ape ... however when I got home and put the card into the card reader, NOTHING .. shock, horror! where are the shots?? Nowhere, was the answer! and I still can't figure out what happened? I did have a card in the camera ... but for some reason the photos didn't get transferred onto the card ... strange, annoying, puzzling ... lost forever! Only one way of getting over it! To take more pictures today!

So, here they are. And I'm glad to report : nice ones of Mrs Ape (again!)

Ally, Batch and Martin debating how many lengths they will swim .. After having spent the last 4 weeks in South Africa, Ally made the wise choice and stuck to swimming widths today, and 4 at that, her first day back at the lido!
Batch swam 2 lengths and Martin decided to do 1 KM!

The water felt warmer than yesterday -
I stuck at 2 lengths and then stayed in the pool for what seems (too) long ...
to the take under water shots

Martin's daughter, Natalia waited for the races before getting in

Will - not sure how many lengths he swam .. surely lots!

Mrs. Ape .. otherwise also known as Mrs Cake ... I mean Kate ...

She gracefully and politely refused Martin's suggestions of swimming 1 KM with him ..
yet, Kate still swam an impressive 6 lengths - besides she already did her Kilometer in January
so nothing more "to prove"!

heading for the wall, clocking up her lengths on her "poolboy" watch

.... and pushing off again for lap no. 5 ..
by which time I had enough of being in the water ..

... oh no, wait there comes Martin ... quick let me grab another shot ..
I had already taken off my goggles and couldn't submerge -
later a very cold Martin joined us in the sauna ... shivering!

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