Friday, 4 December 2009

Whose banana is it anyway

All the leaves are gone

Great! London woke up to a clear, crisp morning again ... it had been a frosty night! I couldn't wait to get tom the pool soon enough .. but patience was needed as the sun takes a while to rise :)

While Cycling to The Lido past the lovely gleaming scenery of Tooting Common I was wondering whether the water had dropped another notch?! Of course it did! It's down to 41 Celsius - and I'm still keeping to my routine!

So are most! Like clockwork Michael gets out of his cubical, hat and goggles go on.. and I get my camera ready just in time (exact same time as yesterday incidentally) to catch the exact same photo as I did yesterday! Only difference : the glorious light!

Quiz time ... what again? yeah why not!

Who is warming up with a cup of coffee?

who do these feet and lovely shoes belong too?

Will the owner of this banana left in a cubical please come forward!

Jonathan is feeling it .... and expressing it!

Multicoloured Tom getting ready ..... to ...

... takes a dive too!

Dr. Andy's must be in the pool!

Yes, here he is!

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