Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Who would have guessed

Where did all the frost disappear to?! Was all our excitement of yesterday in vain ... I hope not! Surely, it couldn't just have been a one off... one hopes. Anyway, today we were back to the more familiar rain, rain rain... mind you, the water temperature had still fallen. This morning it was down to 5.5 Celsius. Great opportunity to clock up another PB (personal best) for me - as I suspect for a few others too :) I'm still on two lengths which I certainly wouldn't have done this time last year. It would certainly have been widths (already a while ago!)!

Enough about the weather and water temperatures! This day belongs to Doreen who, after having been crowned "London's Unsung Sports Hero of the Year" by the BBC, arrived at the pool (brace yourselves) without her trademark, the trolley bag! But rest assured, all is ok. Actually, Doreen couldn't be better!

Doreen and Sue Rentoul are off to Peter Jones to get a frock for Doreen in time for December 13th when Doreen will attend the BBC Sports Personality Awards for her category!
Very excited and beaming for ear to ear Doreen laughed: "Sue's got her Oyster card and I've got my Freedom Pass!"

So put the Dec 13th in your diaries, stay glued to the telly and keep toes and fingers crossed! Doreen may very well pick up The National Unsung Sports Hero Award of the Year!

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