Saturday, 5 December 2009

What crawl?

You may remember that a couple of saturdays ago SLSC members went on a Lido Crawl and what fun it was too!

Well, today around 10am a group of friends - men only ... and there is always an exception: Margy but only for the photo :) came to the Tooting Lido to start their ... wait for it ... Pub Crawl!
It is actually a very moving occasion as the lads are all friends of Stephen Hodnet who sadly passed away not long ago... Stephen loved the Tooting Lido and organised a yearly winter Pub Crawl with his friends. He always made sure they earned their Beer though by starting the crawl with (at least) a dip to (really) get them going :)
In Memory of Stephen and to keep up the tradition, "Stephen's boys" came to the Lido today. It was lovely to witness the fabulous spirit they brought to the occasion!

Peter went for a dip after the sauna

Ann , it's not that bad ... is it?!

She's in and off on her 1st length

Ann on her way back .. and she's not the only one in the pool...

Mystery man in the Lido!

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