Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Another PB

I came to the Lido declaring to Vince "Today I am swimming 3 lengths".
"OK then.. so will I!"
Deal made. Even my dilemma of where to leave my flip flops was thought through! I'll walk up to the deep end.leave my flip flops there, dive in and on my 3rd lap I'll put them between my legs (like a float) so to have them when getting out in the shallow end .. and then straight into the sauna.

Phase one of the plan went well. When reaching for my flip flops after tap two the, however, flipping Flip Flops were nowhere to be seen .. mystery! had somebody plaid a rick on me?! I got out looked around .. no still no sign of them ... Chris saw me look and pointed to the water ... there they were! they must have followed me when I dived in!
In I jumped again, put them between my legs and swam down to the shallow end. I was doing fine but what I hadn't considered when plotting my strategy was that because I wasn't able to use my legs they were getting real cold!

But hey, I clocked up another personal best (PB) - at 6 degrees Celsius.

And what will I do next time? Possibly do 4 lengths :)

Sorrieeee, no photos today ...:) oh wait .. there was Pip having a laugh!

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