Monday, 21 December 2009

Ice at last

Yes, finally we can really prove how tough .. or mad we are! last night was so cold that despite the fountain being on, the water of our pool froze! Two thirds of the pool that is - the ice hadn't quite reached the deep end ... yet!

So whether you wanted to continue heroic acts in the pool or not, today's swimming was restricted to swimming widths in the deep end :) still keeping the number of widths to even numbers was my motto - so two - sauna and two again was my plan of action. And I did it - wow it felt simply amazing! After my second swim and after getting into cold clothes I did something I'd never done before : I went into the sauna fully dressed ... (only) to put my socks and shoes on ... they were just too cold for comfort!

Philippa swam 2 widths too - amazing how "heavy" the water looks

Chris , Chris and Sue swam three widths - one of the lifeguard offered to take their flip flops to the other side - now that's what I call luxury .. but hey it was a smart move! - sadly I was getting changed when that happened... who knows I may very well have swam three widths too :)

beautiful patterns and reflections on the ice

lovely ice crystals on a lone leaf by the side of the pool

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