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Friday, 18 December 2009


The weather man promised us snow ... and snow we had! not masses but enough to add another dimension to early morning swimming! The water is down to 2 Celsius! And yes, before you ask, another PB was about to be achieved!

Amazing how a few snow flakes can enhance the experience - everybody had an even huger (is there such a word?) grin on their faces as they arrived!

I wasn't quite prepared for Batch's euphoria

off with the wooly hat - time for business

he's in!

Chris warming up in the sauna after his two lengths

Sue getting out after FOUR lengths - looks as if an icicle has formed on her chin!

Vince (with a snow flake on his nose!) brought Laurie along

Finally got a life guard to take photo of me

off to do my two lengths

and then the sun came out - Julie and Sue enjoying it

Malcolm still had it all to do!

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