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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Familiar faces

OK, today I (only) arrived at the pool around 10.40am... :) there was a (good) reason for that: I thought by arriving at a different/later time I would bump into "different" swimmers ... and not the usual 8am group ... ok, I will own up to reason number two too. It was very nice to stay in bed that little bit longer :)

But guess what? parking my bike I immediately recognised familiar bicycles! and the first person I detected swimming up and down was no other than (8-9am regular) Sue Rentoul! Then I see Jonathan, Barbara and Ines! What's happening? Have they been around since 8am or have they also opted for a later start?!

Anyway feeling much better for my prolonged sleep, I decided that after resorting to swimming widths for the past two days when nurturing my cold, I was ready to swim lengths again!

Good decision! The water felt sensational! No doubt, the sun added to the experience.

On to the Sauna and who do I bump into there? Yes, Sue Rentoul! However, Gus was soon to follow... then it was Ann and two more men I didn't know by name.

Coming out of the sauna I spotted Chris ... Chris number three that is! I don't know about you .. but I find it hard to keep up with the Chris's :)

I quickly put my camera under water and catch Chris (no. three) Gore in action.

It's Chris Gore enjoying his swim!

Chris promoting the SLSC

And here after his swim

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