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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Later than usual

December sun ... 2 days in a row - how lucky are we - and the water temperature is still at 6.1 Celsius!

I arrived late at the pool this morning - I have a bit of a cold. Snorting salt water (like Vince suggested) didn't quite do the trick to hold it off completely ... but it's certainly is a milder version! Last night just before going to sleep I resorted to taking a (for me rather large) Whisky with lemon juice and honey - the effect: I only woke up at 10min. past 8am ... :)
So I only made it to the Lido by 8.40am -
Sue had already finished her swim and the 2 Chris's were in full swing on lap 4 - getting to the end of lap 4 Margy (also a latecomer today!) and I shouted and gesticulated "another two!" they looked up, saw us, looked at each other ... and low and behold swam another two!

Chris and Chris on lap 5

None the worse after it!

Vince rushing back to his cubical after having completed his routine - he takes his shirt into the sauna and starts dressing-every second counts!

Betty's husband Bruno putting the kettle on while Betty is in the pool!

Lance and one of his sons Tommy and his wife with their latest addition

Oh, in case anybody wonders whether I did make it into the water ... of course I did! But I did tune it down a bit. I thought it wiser not to put my head in - so I resorted to swimming "head up breast stroke" which felt really odd! The only other time I swam that was last January during the Cold Water Championship where it is a must!

It was nice to swim at a slightly different time as I got to meet Lance and his wife ... she did tell me her name ... it went in (my brain) but sadly straight out again too... However, I do remember something, it is an Irish name I had never heard before :) No doubt I will see them again ... soon when I will make sure to retain the information!

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