Saturday, 19 December 2009

Busy swimming day

Come 9.30am I set off and cycled to the pool - the sun was out but it was a matter of not being fooled by it ... after a frosty night there was a noticeable nip in the air. I had a feeling that the water was going to be COLD ... very cold!

The guards said it was 34 Fahrenheit which is 1.1 Celsius! 1.1 , that's an all time low for this season. One thing was sure : I was not going to swim my two lengths, "another" PB (personal best) or not .. :) 2 reasons: yesterday was painful enough - it felt like my hands were going to drop off :) and later on a group of us were going to swim at the Brockwell Park Lido. They are running a campaign hoping to keep their unheated Lido open all year round as well. So who better to support that cause than SLSC members!

At our pool is business and was euphoric as usual!

Lucy was not too pleased about it!

Doreen was back and showed me her wonderful photos with VIPs from last Sunday's BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards

I got to met members I hadn't seen before : Annabel and Julia were really euphoric to be swimming without a wetsuit for the first time this year! They chose the best day for it!

is this Annabel or Julia?!

Mandy jumping in after the sauna

Hilary needed proof that it was cold!

Sue's Partner Allan after his dip

Cosy and warm again

Gus in the distance - he swam two length before heading over to Brockwell Park!

Arriving at Brockwell Park we were surprised to see ... ICE! and the way the staff dealt with it:)
A trustworthy source tells me that the water in our pool was just as cold in the shallow end but because of the fountain and the ongoing flow of water it needs to be even colder to freeze ... and the way things are going it will happen soon ;)

And ...that's what you have to do at Brockwell when you draw the short straw ...

swimming under the ice

Fortunately we got permission to swim in the deep end and not amongst pieces of chopped up ice!

While others jumped in at the shallow end

Sue geting ready

1,2,3 -goooooo!

go, go, go there and back

after my two widths I dived in again ...

... got to be done ... for the camera :)

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