Thursday, 17 December 2009

I'm up for it

When cycling to the Lido this morning I saw the most incredible winter sky. Inspired by it my little legs were giving their all so to get to the Lido even faster.

It had been a cold night which no doubt will have had its effect on the water temperature. Correct! remember yesterday the temperature was just above 3 Celsius ... well today it was bang on 3! However, the sun's reflection turned parts of the water orange and pink which made getting in irresistible. And , you see, one really only gets the full view of the magnificent colouring when swimming lengths, (as opposed to widths) ... which meant that my decision was made: lengths it is! Two because you've got to come back to where the flip flops are :)
So in I went...but my God, if the truth be known, on my length back my mind was trying to figure out the best way I could organise a perfect position for my flip flops to allow for one length only without having to walk barefooted on the cold concrete :) Unless I invest in a second pair of flip flops it's just not going to happen , is it? So, any suggestions are welcome :)
I also know that I may be a woos :) Specially as Vince swam 3 lengths - well he's not got flip flops which, of course, makes all the difference :)

MarieAnne just getting in after having been in the sauna - believe it or not ... she does enjoy it!

Fazlar doing his "warming up" exercise before getting in.

And he is in - ready to swim his two lengths

Charlotte is also on her way

Nicky knows one sure way of keeping her head warm - simply keep a woolly hat on!

After the sauna there was more excitement on the cards! Sue is entering a competition. The brief : photograph a jigsaw puzzle card that one of her suppliers sent her in an unusual way. The prize : a crate of Champagne

"I thought of an idea" she confided in me, "I could be holding it under water and you could be under water too taking a picture of me!"

"Great idea, I'm up for it."
Well, with Champagne at stake, wouldn't you?!

here she goes!

First attempt - the card is a not fully in frame ...

that's better!

and another one while we're at it!

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