Tuesday, 15 December 2009

120 % Joy

I arrived at the pool earlier than usual ... and this is what I saw first off! Isn't it amazing .... the stillness, the quality of the light - the sun was just breaking through ... the water definitely had a special quality too - not only had the temperature dropped to 4 Celsius, it appeared and felt heavier. It now almost has a "oil like" quality.

I will admit that it I did think twice today whether I should still swim lengths or not ... well, I wanted to feel what it's like to still be swimming two lengths at 4 Celsius. I guess there was only one way of finding out! So yes, I did! I can tell you that if it wasn't for the pain in my hands it would be a one hundred percent amazingly exhilarating experience! The pain in my hands -which started two thirds up the first length - was not enjoyable but the rest truly was ... if that makes sense?! Besides the reward of the sauna makes it all possible. And swimming a further two widths after 20 minutes in the sauna is 120% of pure joy!

I can't imagine how Sue and Chris managed four lengths. Sue must still be on a HIGH from having accompanied Doreen to Sheffield for the BBC Sport Personality Award ... but Chris??!! :)

so calm and serene

the fountain keeps going

the lido water with an oil like quality to it

by now the sun has almost fully risen and Eddy braves the elements

Eddy is in and off on his width

and back

and out!

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