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Friday, 30 October 2009

More playing

Just going to keep it very brief today .. as I have been really busy documenting a trip into the City of London.

My morning started so well though - back in the pool with my camera! Margy even performed a couple of lengths butterfly for me - What a treat - quite tricky to get a the right moment though. I feel I need more practice..

Let's see if she will be up for more in the next couple of days before the water gets too cold. speaking of cold - can you believe Chris swam 30 ... yes 30 lengths this morning - he was in the pool forever!

Then a few of us "hardies" had our photograph taken by a photographer of the Wandsworth Guardian . the occasion: a new magic toy we have at the pool - "my enemy no 1 really :) - a huge fishing net to collect leaves off the water surface.
Once the photo call was over I jumped back in and took a pic of the net - although it is my "enemy" it made for a great shot!!

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