Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My heart is bleeding

I have had my last swim at the Lido this past Saturday .. seems an eternity ago! What can I do..? A nasty cold got the better of me ... and I am by now most certainly suffering signs of splash withdrawal :)

Swimming, I fear would sadly not be the best cure for it ... my head is pounding, my nose running and my chest has accumulated stuff too :) taking all of this into account I reluctantly decided to skip my daily plunge ... am not even cycling...

What bugs me (excuse the pun) most about it is that since Monday London (at least SW London) is basking in wonderful Autumn sun. Crisp mornings, wonderful light and I'm sure the atmosphere at the Lido must be amazing!

The good news is that I am nurturing my cold and the additional side effects of "a bleeding heart" with all I've got!

Head plunged in an inhalator as opposed to being submerged in the Lido ... lovely and warm! Also, adding herbs to the boiling water works miracles. It helps shift whatever it is that decided to disturb my breathing.

As for my bleeding heart, I had a hot lemon Whisky toddy two nights in a row now before going to bed - Knocked me out! I may very well have another one this eve :) Please don't get the wrong impression here ... it's purely for medicinal reasons!

I reckon, give it another day or two and I'll be as good as new. I so hope that the weather will remain kind to us until the end of October. You wouldn't wish for the water temperature to drop below 10 Celsius for us ... yet!

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  1. God that brings back memories of my days as a swimmer when I often ended up with sinusitis and had to hang over the steamer!!!
    Get well soon (she says writing with a stinking cold...and without a steamer!)