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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Signs of the first Autumn leaves

It's hard to believe. October has finally begun.
What that means for SLSC members is that we are now entering the pool through the old entrance. I love the view one gets from that end. First you have to wiggle your way through an S shaped entrance before the massive pool opens up before your very eyes. Once in, one almost feels overwhelmed by it all.

For some reason it looks bigger to me coming in the deep end of the pool. Maybe because I walk all the way down the left side of the pool? I will have walked almost 100 yards before I find my "adopted" cubical!

Reaching my cubical today I was greeted by the first sign of Autumn. A solitary leaf! I'm not quite sure how it managed to get up there let alone stay there?

It's really funny how most people will have their favourite cubical, their favourite shower and their very own particular way of getting in the pool! They will perform the same ritual day after day! Watching that and no doubt being watched by others is all part of the fun!

Long may it last!

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