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Monday, 26 October 2009

Clear water

Ahhh, clear water again! As lovely as it was swimming in a pond .. not just any old pond ... no, The Women's Pond in Hampstead Heath .... it was nice to be swimming in my beloved Tooting Bec Lido again (!)
The leaves hanging on the water surface was amazing today ... I wanting to swim in it as much as possible and was reluctant to take my camera in the pool as I didn't have my wetsuit on ... and didn't fancy getting cold :) cause knowing me I would have stayed in far too long with all the photo opportunities that were up for grabs right in front of my very eyes ..:~) So I chose to take it all in with my senses and hope for another beautiful sunny day tomorrow!

Sue flanked by Chris and Chris swam 10 length - and an anonymous swimmer was enjoying swimming amongst the leaves.

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