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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

It's official

Just After I walked through the wiggly bit that leads into the Lido pushing my bike I bumped into Albert and Gisela. They were on their way home ... Albert looked considerably colder than usual .. his face quite pale and yet still adorned with his usual cheeky smile ... and this is when I knew : The water temperature at the Tooting Lido has dropped to below 10 degrees Celsius!

And: we are still swimming!

Vince continues relentlessly to practice his Total Immersion technique and swam six length (that's 600 yards!) The reward: hanging out in the sauna!

Other members, too numerous to name, are also still hard at it!

As for me, I'm still recovering from my bronchitis ... nevertheless I swam two lengths - sauna and three widths. Not bad, I thought! I wasn't overly cold it's just that my chest still tightens up as soon as I start swimming ... I don't want to overdo it and end up with a relapse... I am determined to up my game though!

By the way, make no mistake, the water is "biting" at any body who takes on the challenge!

So stay tuned to keep up with further temperature variations... it will be fascinating to follow how swimmers gage themselves and adjust to the conditions...

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