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Friday, 9 October 2009

My trusted friend

Slight change of routine: back exercises, swimming, chanting ... my friend Paula (not an early bird!) and I usually chant together on a Friday morning around 9.30am which meant that I left the chanting to later.

All the better for getting to the Lido as early as 7.40am - mind you, I wasn't the first one! There was already lots of activity. One can always count on "The early brigade" - also known as "the 7am lot" to be getting their fix way before me!

The weather looked promising and I decided get my swimming, sauna, swimming as well as taking photos to a T today. I really got too cold yesterday!

I got a good 6 length swimming in before grabbing my camera. The water felt surprisingly "warm" although still at 13 degrees Celsius ... throwing arms and legs around in the water does make a difference, I guess :)

Also, what I had decided to do was to reacquaint myself with my Canon IXUS 70. I bought a water proof housing for it last year and had such fun with it. The results were superb!

It felt really good to be holding my trusted friend again! And off I went. It immediately felt so much easier to use than the mask - I could actually point at something and know that it's in frame! Time delay is still something to consider when catching an action shot... but with a bit of anticipation I am quite used to getting the shots I'm after.

Not many leaves in the pool today and not many swimmers either :)

Just caught Vince on his last lap! He's of to the Sauna while I prolonged gratification by having a play with the only leaves I could find.
We meet again in the Sauna and had are customary natter. All part of the schedule! However, the feel good formula would be incomplete if I didn't have another splish after the sauna.

Wow! that really is the best! Swimming another 2 lengths after sitting in 40+ degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes! Now the rest of the day just simply flows

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