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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Practice makes perfect

Don't worry, no blog does not mean no swimming :) I have been having my daily splish all along ... well apart from Sunday when I was still in Hastings and the water was sadly really too choppy...

These past three days have been so grey though that I haven't been inspired to take any shots at the Lido... It was tough, mind you, because it's October, hurray and I'm allowed to take photos again! And I have my new toy!

I had a little go on October 1st but the micro SD card got stuck in the mask and I had to return it. The company I bought it from was very good and immediately dispatched a replacement. But with going to Hastings and all I didn't get a chance to use it. Before you call me a wimp, the sea in Hastings was sadly really far too rough to attempt a swim...

Today the conditions at the pool were perfect ... well, the water a touch colder at 13 Celsius but the sun was out to play!

And play I did. Until I got too cold that is. This mask with integrated camera really takes a bit of getting used to. I already find keeping my rhythm when swimming with it different. Breathing is harder because my nose is in the mask and I am used to breathing out through my nose when my head in under water .. all very technical, you see :)

Anyway, I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time now .. and today was the day I was going to have real go! To allow for more play time I first had a go wearing my wetsuit.. well, that was rather uncomfortable! I haven't worn the wetsuit for a year and couldn't remember how buoyant one is with it on :) Yes, one feels warmer. I'll give it that plus point but it takes away the wonderful sensation swimming in cold water provides! I love feeling the water on my skin. It is definitely coupled with a feeling of freedom!

Anyway, it was odd. I just couldn't keep submerged long enough without putting up a real fight ;) take a look at how I struggled!

Off with the wetsuit .. besides, Ines shouting over at me - "cheat!"
Oh, I can't have that reputation - cold water swimmers we are and cold water swimming I shall do!

Fortunately the sauna is back too - so I can always go in and warm up! Believe me, when you are not really swimming and just playing around you get REALLY chilled to the bone!

So, I had another go. I also had to try and keep my head very steady. Had to gage where the camera is in relation to my eye level ... all I can say is that I have to get better at it! Shooting with a hand held camera like I did last year is far easier. I was so excited about recreating and capturing the perspective one gets when swimming but what I neglected to take into account was that any head movement is only going to be accentuate.

While I'll be aiming at perfecting my technique, I will, for now, leave you with another Lido impression.

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