Monday, 2 November 2009

The sun always follows the rain

Sunday I usually have a day off swimming ... can't risk overdosing, you see:)
as luck had it the weather was foul yesterday anyway ... but and here is a big but: the first thing I heard today when getting to the pool was how amazing the water felt yesterday ... in the pouring rain !! yes' I have done that swim before too - in the pouring rain that is - and yes, it's true : it was amazing! So I can believe that yesterday was superb too! Am I beginning to regret taking a day off? No, not really ;) there is still a very big chance of overdosing ...:) and the anticipation of getting back to the Lido this morning was immense!

The reward even greater!

Today was the most wonderful swim of the entire autumn so far! the water felt "delicious:" as a member pointed out!

I swam six of those delicious lengths before grabbing my IXUS 70 (no wetsuit on I'll have you know) and took a few shots!

The photos will say it all! Swimming amongst those beautiful leaves is a sensation words simply cannot do justice to!

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