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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Momentous occasion

SLSC member Alfonso excelled at Butterfly!

Today the SLSC hosted the annual Serpentine/SLSC swimming Gala - and what a momentous occasion it was!

Being the fabulous host that we are, we have let "Serps" win the Doug Smith Memorial Cup three times in a row - yes you heard me ... 3X in a row (2006-2008) - enough is enough! I quite agree!!

Captain Nancy Shaw and Margy put their heads together yet again ... to put together a team they hoped would pull off a win!

Captain Nancy and husband Jason keeping track of the standings

And what more can I report other than : YES, YES, YES : we did it! The Doug Smith Memorial Cup is back where it belongs!
Egg "foolishly" or was it generously(!) even told our guests about our secret "weapon" : the sauna! and still they couldn't match our determined efforts!

relay what fun!

Giles won the breaststroke

Sue &Tom relaxing before their heat

Serps team members trying to keep warm!

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