Sunday, 22 November 2009

A day to remember

This time last year a new sport was born and yesterday was its anniversary: The Lido Crawl!

A bunch of us hardened cold water swimmers of the Tooting Bec Lido decided to swim in as many as four open air water holes/pools in London in one morning.
Starting at the Tooting Bec Lido at 7.30 am, and finishing around lunch time in Hampstead.
Some of us were cycling between swims while others drove in convoy.

I was amongst the cycling party... and party it was! After our 2 length of the Tooting Bec Lido (100 yards long) we cycled to the Serpentine Swimming Club to swim there. Next destination, still on our bikes, Parliament Hill Lido in Camden (who gave us a wonderful reception by welcoming us with coffee and cakes) and finally on to the Pond on Hampstead Heath. Not any old pond I have you know: no, the one and only Mens Pond - no women allowed .. well with the exception of us Tooting Bec Belles! And that only once a year when about 20 screeching women (and as many men) who could hardly contain their joy, jumped off the diving board into deliciously refreshing water.

Once the crawl was accomplished, two cyclists pealed off and cycled straight home (in time to watch the rugby on telly!) while the rest of us gathered for lunch at Kenwood House. Fortified we cycled (non stop this time) all the way back to Tooting. Those in cars probably did the same :) and arrived home in a touch fresher and drier than us!

It was such a brilliant day and am already looking forward to mid november 2010!

A long wait at the Serps!

Well worth the wait though

on to Parliament Hill Lido via Regents Canal

Yeahhh we're at Parliament Hill Lido!

Underwater at Parliament Hill

The luxury of a hot shower-who is who?

on to the Mens Pond-ladies first!

Boys will be boys!

Vince the invincible!

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  1. Brilliant - I take my bathing cap off to you all