Wednesday, 25 November 2009

State of emergency declared

Can you imagine planning your entire routine at the Lido around the assurance that you can swim that extra bit longer because you can go and sit in the sauna only to be faced with todays shock announcement : no sauna ?!

well ... that is what happened and with it the state of emergency was officially declared!

However the good news was that the sauna is in good working order it's just that the key was nowhere to be found... ;)

So we had a clear reminder of what it was like before this time last year ... we didn't have the use of the sauna then either ... and we managed .. but hey, amazing what creatures of habit we are!

It also made me think of all the brave early bird swimmers (the 7am lot) who come and do their thing before the sauna is warm enough...

To be fair we miss the sauna so much because it is not only about warming up. The sauna has also taken on a new role. It has also become a wonderful social event. We even take it in turns to think of a topic for the day. Interesting how revealing the conversation can be! It really is a lovely way of getting to know each other better and better.

So today, conversations were held from cubical to cubicle!

Ines and Sue

While Vince couldn't believe not having his meticulously timed recovery and roasting period before heading off to work :)

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