Monday, 21 February 2011

Wishful Thinking

As I arrived this morning Pip got in the deep end to swim a length down to the shallow end. I walked down alongside Pip to grab a couple of shots of her.

the water had dropped to 5 Celsius (from "only just" 6 on saturday) after a rather cold and miserable sunday and Pip was still showing a very relaxed stroke ... when out of the blue and almost in mid stroke...

... she suddenly stopped in her tracks .... dived down to the bottom of the pool .... this took me by surprise and I only just got her re surfacing! Any treasures down there Pip? no ... sadly not ... wishful thinking .. but certainly looked like something .. down there ...
to console herself she then added another two widths to her outing before making her way to the sauna !
I swam two lengths and 2 widths before making a beeee line to the sauna too. The water temperature had dropped indeed!

It was lovely to see Clare again too ... we rarely swim at the same time ... so I took the opportunity to chat to her for the boo.

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