Monday, 14 February 2011

Gorgeous Morning

Drawing back the curtains this morning was a real delight - signs of a rising sun - one which thankfully wouldn't go unnoticed ... as so many did over the past few days...

At the lido the sun takes a bit longer to get over the tree line ... so it was the cloud formation which got my attention first ... fortunately is wasn't long before the pool was basking in sunshine and swimmers were enjoying the beautiful shimmer on the surface of the water and the glimpses of colourful doors one sees when swimming lengths.

I caught up with Eddie for the boo

Hilary in full swing

"Little C" (Carl Reynolds) checking the water temperature ... it showed
42 F which is 5.5 Celsius

While "Big C" (Carl Richards) was still taking it easy ... they have both swam 14+ lengths only a few days ago ... not sure what they decided on swimming today ... ?

"Little C" almost ready to go

"Big C" catching up on his sparring partner who took off a bit before him ... I was lucky to capture that phase of Carl's perfect stroke - the left arm is just about to pull back while the right hand is about to enter the water.

The two Carls swimming side by side

head on shot of them -
funny how the lovely light patter at the bottom of the pool is broken just under their bodies...

"Big C" - this phase shows the rotation of the body as the right hand has pulled all the way back and is about to be brought forward only to re- enter the water for the next cycle of the stroke

I absolutely love that shot!
"Little C" (in the background) is just ahead- both swimmer superbly balanced totally submerged in 42 F of delicious water - "Big C" has just cut into the surface of the water with his right hand.

I'm sure they enjoyed their swim immensely. I would have loved to stay on and catch more shots ... and find out how many lengths they ended up swimming ... however, by now it was past 10am ... not only was I running late ... I was very hungry!

For those who haven't seen Mike Bushell's piece on the Lido which was aired on Saturday ( feb 12th) during the morning news .. here it is.


  1. Elizabeth - thanks. A delight to speak to you this morning. I'm down at 11am tomorrow - let me know if you're around and I'll bring you a jar of marmalade.

  2. hi Carl, yes, it's always fun to chat with you ... how many lengths did you both end up doing? by the way Mike "oregon" sent me another mail today ... here an extract :
    "its lovely in Ireland ... 40min today in currents and sea foam at Sandycove ... ... if you keep the lido below 6,i'll come back and do 19 lengths re the Carls ... mike"

    Sure it would be fun for you to swim with him?!
    re the marmalade thank you that would be lovely! I'll make sure to be there for 11am!