Saturday, 19 February 2011

Stefanie In Action

After a beautiful swim, my usual stint in the sauna and a dive followed by another two widths of the lido I felt terrific. The only "worry" I had was that I hadn't done my boo yet ... I wasn't too sure where my inspiration was going to come from ... it was raining quite heavily ever since I left my house and when I arrived at the pool it was pouring - most early birds had been (for their swim) and gone ... however, when stepping out of my cubicle I spotted Stefanie (in swimming attire) coming out of the ladies changing rooms, walking towards the shallow end of the pool. Perfect. Stefanie's lovely stroke inspired me to immediately pick up my camera and get clicking. After grabbing some shots during the three lengths she swam I also caught up with Stefanie in the sauna for a quick chat.

Stefanie started off full speed on her first length

I like the wave her body makes - I haven't noticed that with any other swimmer

I think it's because Stefanie seems to be quite buoyant - apparently women are more buoyant than man .. don't ask me why :)


fully elongated arm

pushing off and on the way for length no. two - Stefanie keeps her head a bit higher than Alfonso during that under water phase

Stefanie's left arm does all the work under water

even above water Stefanie's head carriage seems higher than Alfonso's - maybe she is not swimming the total immersion technique? I must ask her next time I see her.

dynamically looking ahead

straight line

Stefanie doesn't seen to rotate much -
here she is just about to swim her arm forward

During our chat in the sauna, I showed Stefanie some of the shots - she explained the importance of keeping the hand at an angle so to best get hold of the water with the hand and forearm when pulling back under water.

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  1. What great shots Elizabeth. I'm flattered you've taken the trouble to post these. Thank you!
    Stephanie x