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Friday, 4 February 2011

Warm yes ... but Still Cold too

How wonderful for the air temperature to have risen! All that needs to happen now is for the water (temperature) to follow suit!

Believe it or not the first signs of spring are here - I'm sure you recall last year seeing the big tree in front of the 1st gate to the Lido being surrounded by magnificent bunches of daffodils! Well, the daffs are pushing through the grass - and soon we will be greeted by bright yellow flowers on the way to our daily fix!

After marvelling at the magnificence of nature for knowing exactly when to wake sleepy flowers, I wondered what the water temperature would actually be ... the thermometer at the deep end was no where to be seen .. but (lifeguard) Sarah assured me that it couldn't be much more than 2.5 celsius.

Mr Bubbles was in the pool when I arrived which inspired me to return the favour - he has been taking so many lovely shots at the lido lately (also of me ..:) and take him in action - specially as he was braving 2 lengths! Besides, I felt that there was no better way to check the water temperature than by putting my hand armed with my underwater camera in .... cold... yes indeed... but, what else is knew?!

first I only got Mr. Bubbles hand reaching into the water - swimming freestyle up to the deep end on his first length

and here he is - note the bubbles (!) - on his way back - lovely to have leaves back too - the wind has just driven the remaining dead leaves back into the pool.

a closer study

followed by a (rather interesting) blank shot ... no Mr. Bubbles but leaves!

A foggy Alex .. the water temperature was so much colder
than the air temperature that the camera lens fogged up as soon as I took it out of the water!

so I put the camera straight back into the water and (just about)
got Sue skimming the surface of the water

that's better - it's quite tricky to gage how deep to immerse the camera into the water without looking through the lens to get a well balanced image

just as I was leaving the pool - yes, I also swam 2 lengths and it was tough! - Rixa and Sangeeta decided to dive in the deep end - Alex took a shot above water and I tried my luck again by just putting my hand in. Amazing how different their diving techniques are ... Sangeeta (she just made it into frame!) dived right to the bottom of the pool while Rixa performed a racing start!

fortunately Sangeeta surfaced again! sadly the lens fogged up again ...

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  1. Thanks Elizabeth, some really nice shots. i'd love a copy of the one with me and the leaves, it's amazing that you got that just from the side of the pool. I really like the misty shot of me getting out of the water, I always look better shrouded in mist!