Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Batch's Birthday Bash

February 2nd and it's Batch's Birthday! True to Lido tradition a few of us got together and had a Birthday Breackfast in the Lido's caff ... but not before a good icy swim! and a short spell in the sauna of course!

Mr Bubbles who couldn't stay for breakfast as he was off to work
was on his second lengths as I came down the side of the pool.

pre party preparations - Sue in action before her swim

Pip did her bit too

in fact, we all blew ...

Job done and balloons in hand Pip went off to the caff to for a bit of ambiance setting

"The Birthday Kid" rushing to the sauna after having swam a length

Jonathan and Nick getting ready for their ...

... big splish!

the sun just came out in time

(fully dressed again) Batch accompanied
Egg (who didn't swim - shame on you Mr. Egg!) to the caff

let the breakfast feast begin

Master (scrambled eggs) Chef Chris about to dish out the goods
as Sue hand someone a fork

Jonathan tucking in

David, Margy and Pip are enjoying their nosh too

Birthday delight ...

... ready to get going too!

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