Thursday, 24 February 2011

Unable To Digest

I grabbed my kit too quickly this morning on my way out the door and up to the lido ... when it came to taking a photo of Tricky to accompany the interview I did with him for the lidosounds boo, my trusted IXUS camera told me that it was "unable to digest the photo" :) ahhhh poor camera had indigestion .. ! well, all it meant was that I had forgotten to put the SD card back into the camera .. and so the image I (thought) I had just taken couldn't be stored .. anywhere! We've all done it .. haven't we ..?! no, not the indigestion bit ... I mean forgotten to put a card in the camera!

Oh well, lucky I had my "smart phone" HTC with me!
Here some shots taken with it- it's got an 8 Megapixel camera - technology does move at the speed of light!

Tricky after his swim and just about to share his experience on taking on Betty's Newsletter

the difficulty with taking action shots with the HTC is that you never know when the shutter actually goes off .. the focusing takes it's time ... which means freezing the exact action you have in mind can be a bit of a hit and miss experience.

As I was lining up my next shot Nick changed from breaststroke to front crawl which didn't help either!

it's easier when taking still life ... I rather like that shot .. although I know the owner of the legs and the banana peel does not approve :)

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