Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Today's Sundry of Images

Vince reaching for the sky

Michael rushing back to his beloved ...

... beloved bike

the majestic trees are sadly still leafless

lovely to see birds enjoying cruising over the lido

the orange cap can only belong to ...


Jonathan contemplating getting in while Mr. Bubbles is cruising up and down

neoprene cap off ...that looks like a bit of fun, Jonathan

Vince pushing off for his two lengths

Mr. Bubbles seem to be quite buoyant ... I like the shimmer on the surface of the water and on Alex's back

here we go .. favour returned .. a bum shot of Alex's tumble turn :)

ok the previous shot wasn't too flattering ... but I love this shot .. also of Alex!

I caught up in the sauna with "musical athlete" Annie for a lovely chat

Ann Brimelow on her second length, she only takes a breath on the left .. which meant I could never get her face in the shot while she was swimming from the deep end to the shallow end ...

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  1. You got me back! I love the shot with the light reflecting on the water. Great pictures.