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Monday, 21 September 2009

What a welcome

Wow, when I got up around 6.30am the sky behind the roofs outside my window presented itself with the most amazing hues of red and orange.

Red sky in the morning - Shepherd's warning .. what a lot of nonsense ... :) at least this morning! Once I arrived at the Lido, the sun was already gently pushing its way through a thin veil of clouds that the night had generated.

Two solitary swimmers gliding along the calm surface. One man making his way back from the shower and to his cubical, a towel round his waist and beaming from ear to ear : "You'll like it today! it's a bit warmer than yesterday" - I really must ask this lovely man what his name is ... a smile alone as a reply followed by, "great, I look forward to getting in", won't do :)

Slowly, another and then another swimmer, is making his/her way through the gate. It's like The March of Singing Souls approaching poolside :)

"Hello Blogger!"
ahhh one of my (blog) followers :) has arrived!
I tell Vince about the cute shots I took of him and his children on Saturday during the art event.

By the way, A press release about the event has gone out to the Local Guardian. So, with a bit of luck, you will be able to read about it in the paper soon.

No more chit chat though. Time to get in and feel the clear, refreshing water envelop my body.

Gliding is the name of the game. Each stroke accompanied by a gentle stretch - Today it feels like pure poetry in motion! And yes a touch warmer - the weekend sun and the warmer nights must have helped. Good God, we are up by one degree - the thermometer shoes 16 Celsius.

It is amazing how the regular swimmers immediately feel the slightest change in temperature!

Still, I kept my session at 10 laps (only) :) I would have loved to stay longer... if only I didn't have to be back in time to let Ifi in. Who is Ifi? She's the most cheerful cleaner you will have ever come across!

She greeted me with an untroubled "they said it was going to rain, rain,rain today" to which I replied as joyfully : "well, they were wrong, wrong, wrong!"

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