Friday, 18 September 2009

The plan that didn't quite work out

It only gets better! the sun was out for real already early this morning- I felt such a pull to the pool- immediately as I woke ... however, that was 6.30am - still dark then this time of year... besides, I have my back exercises to do first, then my morning gongyo (buddhist practice) and only then am I freeeee to jump on my bike and peddle as fast I can to get my daily fix!

As I reached the gates, I saw Vince - would you believe it :pushing his bike:)
"is your pony lame?", I called out - and got a big smile in return before going straight into the customary swimming chat!
As we got through the barriers all we could see was a beautifully calm pool no more than 2 people in the water - wow - the water as flat as a pancake - I love it like that - the gliding sensation one gets when swimming in such calm water is simply sensational.

But I'm getting ahead of myself what I wanted to share with you was that I had a plan. This morning I wanted to take sound bites at the pool - examples of the little chit chats I spoke about yesterday.

And what can I say I was soooo not prepared to get this wonderful opportunity when bumping into Vince already at the gates ... and Fiona for that matter ... sad that .. but anyway - we had fun talking before getting in the water and I didn't want to suddenly pull out my gadget and break up the flow of conversation .. it will be for another time - the lesson: gotta always be on the pulse and well prepared :)

the swim was ... well... what can I say other than : sensational! I did my 10 laps - finishing my 6th lap and wanting to push off again, Pip was just getting out: "looking very good", Pip said - "oh- thank you" - the daily practice is paying off, I guess! Vince and I had been talking about the "total immersion" technique for months now! we talk about it obsessively every day! and practice it - Vince religiously, drills and all ... me, more casually! We're getting tips from Margy and Sue and discussing swimming at large with almost every body who has the patience to listen and put their pennies worth in!

Let me tell you, there are some seriously good swimmers at the Lido! and I am aiming to introduce you to them bit by bit .. something to look forward to!

So after my swim and quick shower - believe me, it's tough but I'm getting much better at reducing my shower time :), I had to have another go recording. Sitting at the pool's edge, soaking up the sun rays that were helping to warm me, I was drying my feet and putting my socks and shoes on.

I simply switched on the recorder and had it next to me.
and this is what happened - a first try - unedited - and not really according to plan A.
I thought I'd be able to simply upload the audio file on my blog ... but no - no go! - Am now furiously reading forums (not a pastime I enjoy .. at all!) and I decided, until I get an easy answer .. I will have to postpone the idea...

So, I thought I'd sneak in something else I did today .. at the lido: naughty of me ... I know :)

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