Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Keep checking your local paper

It's Albert! The name of the lovely gentleman who greets me every morning with a smile followed by an update on how the water feels is Albert!
I'm glad I have it written down ... cause I'm not the best remembering names. Nor is Albert for that matter :)
"What's your name ?"
"I'll have to try and remember that!"
"That's easy, I said, we are both regal :)"
"It's easier for me to remember names if I think of some else I know with the same name..."

I can't wait for tomorrow morning to arrive! We'll see who is better at it..

Funnily enough, there was an even greater sense of joy and camaraderie at the pool this morning. I put it down to having all the children's paintings displayed. It was lovely to see that each person, in their own time went to take a closer look at the exhibits.

With regards to the press release for the Free Art Event at the Lido, it will hopefully be in the South London Press as opposed to being in the Wandsworth Guardian. The Guardian found my photos "too arty" :) I'll take that as compliment then :) Specially as the South London Press liked them! Bottom line is that it would be good to have something about it in the press.

So keep checking in your local paper! And keep coming to the pool for your daily fix ... of coffee :) but only after your revitalising splish!

I did it again ... sneaked a pic from out of my cubical ... sorry, it was just too tempting not to :)

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