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Thursday, 17 September 2009

9.15am : Just back from my plunge into 14 degrees on a perfect crisp september morning. The sun trying to make its way through a thin layer of clouds. The surrounding trees at the Lido reflecting on the serene and calm surface of the water. What more can one ask for? Yes, I will admit, the water was definitely a touch nippy ... as you can imagine! But as soon as I had lowered myself into the water and pushed off from the shallow end of the pool I was in bliss! 10 length later I quickly jumped into a piping hot shower - ahhh another lovely feeling .. sadly no time to chat with fellow swimmers under the shower this morn ... in a mad rush, specially as I had delayed getting in the water earlier .. due to chatting with lots of fellow swimmers .. such as Allison, Chris, Fiona, Vince and others whose names I actually don't know ... - those little verbal exchanges are lovely - sometimes it's just a warming smile or words of encouragement and congratulations ... I always look forward to these moments as it is an integral part of the whole cold water swimming experience!

Sadly, I cannot show you recently taken photographs ... as yet anyway, because officially one is not allowed to take photos at the lido... at least not during times when the pool is open to the public .. let's not go into the why?how come? and how stupid all of that "STOP NO PHOTOS" is ... suffice it to say that come October - I will have permission again (like last year) to take photos. I can't wait for October!! Last year I also produced a 36 min. short film entitled Activities at the Tooting Lido which was shown at the Cold Water Championships last January. Check out the 3min version of the movie. I also produced copies of the film on DVD. Lots of members bought a copy (£10 each) - which is great as I could donate £2 per copy to the club.

I also took photos galore over the autumn/winter months. Some of them made it into the calendar Sue Rentol produced for the club.

I have more creative plans up my sleeve for this season - so stay tuned.

Here a photo taken last year to wet your appetite!

Must rush into town now - for my "one to one" appointment at the mac store in Regent Street.

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