Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I have a plan

It is official. I NEED October to come along. Fast!

The quality of morning light at the Lido is just simply out of this world! I don't know what it is about this place? Simply enchanting. And, I'm itching like no body's business to take photos, photos, photos and some video footage of course.

Unless you swim here, you cannot image what it feels like to be gliding along and at each breath one takes to be catching a glimpse of the light reflecting on the surface of the water .... combined with the view of the famous multicoloured doors in the background. Stunning!

Last year I took underwater stills as well as video footage with my IXUS 70 - I had invested in an underwater housing specially designed for that model and got some really lovely stuff.

But what I was missing is being able to use it while swimming along.

For this year, I have a plan. I'm researching options right now and hope to be fully kitted out by the time October opens its doors to the world of Elizabeth's underwater photography :)

While I'm on to my to my next project, let me sign off with a taster of things to come.

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